The History of Candy Bars

Candy bars have been around for hundreds of years. Yes, hundreds. One of the first candy bars ever created was made in 1847. Joseph Fry figured out a way to mix cocoa powder, sugar, and cocoa so it could be made into a paste and placed in molds. It was a success. People enjoyed eating the chocolate as much as they did drinking it. However, this chocolate bar and the candy bars we are familiar with are completely different.

It was not until 1876 that milk chocolate was invented by Daniel Peter from Switzerland. It took him eight years to do this. It only took three more years for Daniel Peter to join with Henri Nestle to form the Nestle Company. This company introduced the famous Nestle Crunch candy bars in 1938.

We are getting ahead of ourselves. Let's go back to 1900. Milton S. Hershey decided it was time to let everyone taste the wonders of milk chocolate. Up until then it was only the wealthy who could really afford this wondrous confection. Locating his candy factory in dairy country, now known as Hershey, PA, Milton was able to start mass producing candy bars. The all time American favorite Hershey Chocolate Bar was introduced to the public. Eight years later, in 1908, Hershey started putting almonds in the candy bars and the Hershey with Almonds was born.

Once milk chocolate became so popular everyone started creating candy bars. The Mars candy company was formed by Frank and Ethel Mars in 1911. 1914 brought about the introduction of the Heath candy bar. Peter Paul Halijian invented the Mounds bar in 1921. These candy bars were marketed under the name of Peter Paul Mounds. The Almond Joy was not introduced until 1947.

Chocolate candy bars were being created by the hundreds. The candy bars we are most familiar with such as the Butterfinger and Milky Way were introduced to the public in 1923. 1925 saw the invention of the Oh Henry, Baby Ruth, and Mr. Goodbar candy bars.

The 1930's brought about an even bigger demand for the chocolate candy bars. This is because the Hershey Company had created a chocolate candy bar for the boys who were fighting in the first and second world wars. When these soldiers came home, they wanted more chocolate. From 1930 to 1938 candy bars like Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Kit Kat, and Nestle's Crunch gave the public what they wanted.

It has been reported that 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate in the form of candy bars is consumed each year by the American public. However, recent studies are hinting that chocolate can actually be good for you. According to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that dark chocolate is good for you. This report was quick to point out that did not include milk or white chocolates. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and it can also lower blood pressure. So the next time you are feeling a little under the weather or stressed out grab a couple dark chocolate candy bars and enjoy.


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