Organic Herbal Chocolate and Hot Cocoa

Everybody loves chocolate. In any form, weather it be chocolate candies, candy bars and even chocolate milk, I'm sure that there is some kind of chocolate that everyone enjoys. The problem with chocolate however is that some people feel incredibly guilty when consuming it. However that shouldn't be the case because chocolate actually has many positive effects on the body.

Studies have shown that when chocolate is consumed in moderation, it can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and even strokes. Other studies have shown that males to regularly eat small amounts of chocolate on the average live longer. Increased memory is an also added benefit as well. Dark chocolate has certain compounds in it that can help reduce problems associated with reduced cognitive function. Hot chocolate is one of the best ways to get your daily dose of anti-oxident rich chocolate.

There is nothing better than on a cold day to sip on a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. It warms your body up while tasting incredibly good. However there are some ways to drink hot chocolate that are better than others. Typical hot chocolate mixes are filled with highly processed sugars and fattening fillers. Some of those are very unhealthy - especially for kids.

There are tons of different hot chocolates out there that don't have these harmful ingredients. Organic hot chocolate gives you all the benefits of regular hot chocolate while still remaining incredibly healthy. Most of what makes hot chocolate bad for you is the added fats and sugars. But not all hot cocoa is filled with these ingredients.

Recently a few companies have created an organic hot cocoa that is sweetened with coconut palm sugar, which has a very low glycemic index and a rich taste. Organic cocoa is also not processed with harsh chemicals, so the beneficial nutrients are left in the cocoa along with a deeper richer taste.

Check the label for primary ingredients like organic cocoa, coconut palm sugar and avoid ingredients like corn syrup solids and partially hydrogenated anything. What is better than keeping your body healthy and consuming something that you truly love.

It's interesting to know that hot chocolate is one of the most popular ways to consume chocolate. It could be that it's freezing outside right now, or the fact that everywhere you go, you hear about the health benefits of chocolate. This is good news because this creates a greater interest in healthy hot chocolate. With a greater interest in the health benefits if hot chocolate, the more people will demand quality ingredients which will in turn lead to healthier hot chocolate products.

With the increasing number of people and companies making hot chocolate, that creates more options for the consumer. Gourmet hot chocolates, cheap hot chocolates, and yes even healthy hot chocolates. So next time your are feeling guilty about drinking regular hot chocolate, think about picking up some healthier organic hot chocolate. It still gives you call the benefits that chocolate can have without any of the negative ingredients.


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