Make Your Chocolate Habit More Healthy With Chocolate Covered Strawberries

What do you think about when you think about eating chocolate? Is it chocolate bars? Hershey's kisses? How about chocolate bon-bons? I love chocolate covered coconut balls! What about chocolate covered strawberries? Oh yeah! Of all the different ways that you can eat chocolate this has got to be one of the all time favorites.

Whether you are looking for something special for yourself or a treat for someone special you can't go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries. If you are a guy wanting to impress a date or even your wife, this delicious treat will make you some serious brownie points with your lady. Give it a try and you will see what I mean.

In addition to being delicious the mix of strawberries and chocolate is also good for you with the two having similar antioxidant properties that can have a health benefit as well. According to scientific studies it is the darker chocolates that have the best antioxidant benefits so not only are chocolate covered strawberries good tasting they are also good for you if you don't overdo it.

If you limit your intake to just a couple of these treats a day you won't have to worry about them adding to your caloric count and you can feel confident that they are also contributing to your health. As I mentioned it is the dark chocolate that gives the added health benefit although from a taste standpoint, white chocolate is delicious.

There are numerous sources for buying all different kinds of chocolate covered strawberries that are ready to eat but if you love them as much as I do you will want to buy yourself a fondue pot that is used for melting chocolate or cheese and make your own fresh. Not only will this allow you to have the freshest and most delicious treats possible, but you will also save a good deal of money in the long run.

I hope that you are beginning to see the value of this alternative semi healthy snack and are thinking of getting some for yourself or to spoil a special someone. This is a very easy way to indulge in a somewhat decadent treat that is good for you without feeling like you are depriving your self of something.

By including chocolate covered strawberries as a part of your regular snacks you can get your sweet fix and an antioxidant boost at the same time without adding to your waistline as long as you stay within the guidelines I have suggested. Just be sure to limit the snacks to two a day and you will be okay. I can't imagine a more perfect treat when you think about the great taste along with the additional health benefits.


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