American Candy

What sort of American candy are we missing out on in the UK?

There are many products from the US which make it overseas. Products form brands such as Coca Cola and McDonalds are available all over the world. Even things like diner chain Hooters are showing signs of becoming a global franchise. However there are some things which seem destined not to go global. There are several types of American candy which are not available in the rest of the world. Some are products from well known brands and some are unheard of outside the US.

There is certainly no shortage of choice when it comes to American candy and even though we have many US products over here there are some which are sadly absent. One of the traditional American candy which you may remember (if only vaguely) is the Jolly Rancher boiled American sweets. Brought to the UK briefly in the late 1990s, Jolly Ranchers still evoke nostalgia among some of us. Consisting of sucking sweets in a variety of delicious flavours including watermelon, apple and blue raspberry, this is one type of American candy which many people miss in Great Britain. There are British boiled sweets which are relatively similar but Jolly Rancher aficionados will claim there is nothing quite like the original.

Lots of American candy has a British counterpart. For instance the Wonka brand boasts the likes of Nerds, which are similar to Millions. The same company manufactures several varieties of gummies - gelatine-based chewy American sweets - which have counterparts in this country. Betty Crocker also makes a lot of American candy which has been imitated over here including Gushers (chewy fruit snacks with a liquid centre). However many people from the US would argue that many of their sweets have no UK equivalent. Consequently many ex pat Americans cannot get hold of some of their old favourites in this country.

Where can I get genuine American candy?

If you are one of those people looking for a real taste of the States to take you back home then you may be interested in checking out The site boasts a range of authentic American candy (known as American sweets in the UK) as well as other products.


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